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fp music started to produce CD:s in 1998.

Our ambition is to produce unique documents concerning both composers and artists.

Our cataloque contains at the present 5 CD:s:

Newly released CD is a document of Arvo Pärts solo piano music!

fp music 005  ”Arvo Pärt solo piano music (1956-2006)”

This is the first CD to feature the complete solo piano works published through 1956-2006. From neoclassical style through 1960s collage techniques to his new style "tintinnabuli" starting with his breakthrough and worldwide beloved piece "Für Alina".

fp music 004  ”Licorice Stick”

A chamber music portrait of Libby Larsen one of Americas most acclaimed contempory composers.

fp music 003  ”Rebellious Clarinettists”

Rare original pieces by Randel, J.Pillevestre, Lars Sandberg, Doppler and R.Jettel and 13 arrangements by Kjell-Inge Stevensson

fp music 002  ”Solo du Concours”

Clarinettist Guy Deplus outstanding and authentic recording of the French "Solo de Concours" pieces.

fp music 001 ”Sekelskifte” "The turn of the Century" Musical soirée 1894 at the house of Clara Schumann. Including works by J.Brahms and C. and R. Schumann

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